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Board repair

Experienced technicians repair boards with low cost.

Our technician team can repair all Mimaki Roland and Mutoh boards, include main board, head board, servo board, power supply unit, slider board, carriage board, 1394 board, HDC board…

We have many printers can test boards to find problem, repair and test the problem solved.

Experienced technicians with original chip / component can ensure your boards get work with low cost.

Motor repair

Motor not work, you can get a new one, or you can let us repair it.

Files share

We are glad to share useful files with printer users, and we are glad to communicate with printer users about technical problem, like the error code and bad test print.

Here are files we have:

Roland SJ645ex / SJ745ex service manual

Roland FJ52 Service Manual

Roland RS-640 service manual

Mutoh Falcon II service manual

Mutoh VJ1304 service manual

Mutoh VJ 1204 Maintenance manual

Mutoh VJ 1604 service manual

Mutoh VJ 1618 Service Manual

Mimaki JV2-90 / 130 maintenance manual

Mimaki JV3 160s maintenance manual

Mimaki JV3 250sp maintenance manual

Mimaki JV4 maintenance manual

Mimaki JV5 130s / 160s maintenance manual

Mimaki CJV30 / 60 / 100 / 130 / 160 / TPC-1000 maintenance manual

Mimaki JV33 130 / 160 maintenance manual

Mimaki JV33BS setup guide

Mimaki JV34 maintenance manual

Mimaki JV400 130LX / 160LX maintenance manual