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About us

Inkmed Inkjet Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the leader inks and printer parts suppliers in China. Eco solvent ink, UV curable ink, Dye sublimation ink and Mimaki Roland Mutoh printer parts are our main products.

Mimaki eco solvent ink was produce according to Mimaki standerds, many Mimaki agents and printer service companies support their customers with this ink. Professional Roland 440ml cartridge ink was produce according to Roland standerd, nearly same to OEM ink cartridge. This is high quality eco solvent ink for DX4 & DX5 head printers.

We cooperate with Japan famous ink comany, produce high quality UV curable ink, work well for UV printers with Xaar head, Seiko head, Konica head, Spectra head and Toshiba head. This is grade one UV curable ink in current world wide market.

Dye sublimation ink was made in Taiwan, produce according to Epson standard. Epson printers can use this ink as OEM ink, it is perfect ink to Mimaki Roland and Mutoh water based printers too.

We buy printer heads, printer motors and printer boards from Japan, include DX4 solvent head, DX4 water based head, Epson DX5 head, Mimaki JV33/JV5 head, Muoth VJ1604 head, Mutoh VJ1618 head, Xaar 126/128/500/ head, Seiko SPT 255/510 head, Spectra series head. Mimaki Y axis motor, Roland scan motor, Mimaki main board, slider board, HDC board, Roland Mutoh main board, carriage board, servo board.

We have professional technicians team to research and produce printer parts. Products include small damper, big damper, Epson damper, Mutoh VJ1618 damper, DX4/DX5 printer head adaptor (manifold), printer head cable, DX4 DX5 cap top, ink pump, wipers, Mimaki Y axis motor, Roland scan motor, Mutoh carriage motor, pump motor, generic grating, encoder sensor, pump tube, cutter blade, permanent chips and CISS.