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DX4 solvent head

Mimaki JV3

Mutoh Rock Hopper I/II, Mutoh Falcon II/Falcon Plus

Roland Soljet/VersaCamm Series

Epson i3200 head

Epson i3200 head A1

Epson i3200 head E1

Epson i3200 head U1

DX5 solvent head

Epson DX5 solvent head

Unlocked DX5 head and locked DX5 head with decoder

For most DX5 solvent head China printers like Allwin / Galaxy / Wit-Color / Xenons

DX5 water based head

Epson DX5 water based F187000

Epson XP600 head

Epson XP600 head

For many Chinese small size printers.

Mimaki JV33/JV5 head

Original printer head for Mimaki JV33, Mimaki JV5, Mimaki CJV30

Mimaki part number is M007947

This printer head can go with memory card or without

Memory card part number is E104428

Mutoh VJ1204/1304/1604 head

Original printer head for Mutoh ValueJet 1204/1304/1604E/1604W/1614

Mutoh part number is DF-49684

Epson 9700 head

Original Epson 9700 head can be used with Epson 7700 / 9700 / 7910 / 9910

Epson part number is F191040 / F191080 / F191010

Muoth VJ1618 head

Original Mutoh head for Mutoh VJ1618 / VJ1618W / VJ1618K

Mutoh part number is DG-41914

Mutoh VJ1624 head

Original Mutoh VJ1624 head can be used with Mutoh VJ1324/ VJ1624 / VJ1924

Mouth part number is DG-42987

Mutoh VJ1638 head

Original Mutoh VJ1638 head can be used with Mutoh VJ1638 / VJ2638

Mutoh part number is DG-43345

Mimaki JV34 / TS34 head

Original Mimaki head for Mimaki JV34 / TS34

Mimaki part number is M010792

Roland RA640/RE640/VS640 head

Original Roland head for RA640/RE640/VS640

This printer head can be used with Roland VS420/VS540/VS300 Roland RF640 Roland XR640 Roland BN20

Roland part number is 6701409010

Ricoh GEN5 head

RICOH GEN5 MH5420 N221414L

RICOH GEN5 MH5420 N221414J

RICOH GEN5 MH5421 J36004

RICOH GEN5 MH5421 J36002

Mimaki JFX200 head

Mimaki JFX200 head



Mimaki TS300P/TX300P printhead

HA812 HEAD ASSY M015885

Mimaki TS300P 1800

Mimaki TX300P 1800

Mimaki TS500-1800 / TX500-1800 



Mimaki SWJ320 head

Mimaki SWJ320 head