Mutoh VJ series common problem: E162 P Life
Release time: Tue Jan 6 2015

E162 P Life is common problem on Mutoh VJ series printers. It can be solved as following operation:

At first, start printer and press ‘left’ ‘right’ ‘down’ keys enter “Mainte.1 indication”, then press ‘right’ key to “Mainte.2:Initcounter” then press ‘enter’ key to “Init.3:all” then press ‘enter’ key two times. Then restart printer.

There will be “Not Original Ink” when the printer restart, then operate as below step:

a, Press ‘Value +’ ‘Value -’ and ‘Next’ keys in same time and start printer, to enter Engine menu and find “Check:Test”。

b, Press ‘Back’ key three times to find “Check: Parameter”

c, Press ‘Enter’ key to find “parameter: Initialize”

d, Press ‘Next’ key to find “Parameter: Update”. Press ‘Enter’ key to find “Update: Head Rank”

e, Press ‘Back’ key three times to find “Update: Ink ID Mask”

f, Press ‘Enter’ to find “Ink ID Mask: Reset”

g, Press ‘Value +’, “Ink ID Mask: Reset” will change to “Ink ID Mask: Set”, press ‘Enter’, there will be “Update Parameter?”, press ‘Enter’ and waiting for 10 seconds.

h, Press ‘Cancel’ two times, then shut down printer.

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