Epson DX5 solvent head on Mutoh VJ1604 / VJ1304 / VJ1204
Release time: Tue Jan 6 2015

Many Mutoh users prefer Epson DX5 head to original Mutoh head because the cost is low.

And DX5 water based head can fit on Mutoh VJ1204 / VJ1304 / VJ1604 directly.

But DX5 solvent head adaptor (manifold) is different. So it can not fit on Mutoh VJ1204 / VJ1304 / VJ1604 directly.

There are 3 solutions when users want use DX5 solvent head.

First is modifying the original Epson head adaptor, cut down part of t.

Second is change adaptor to Mutoh one. There is original Mutoh DX5 solvent head adaptor sale separate.

Third is changing the print head bracket. There is compatible bracket can help Mutoh printers fit Epson DX5 directly.

Both Epson DX5 water based head and Epson DX5 solvent head can fit on Mimaki JV33 CVJ series printers directly.

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