Epson DX5 head
Release time: Tue Jan 6 2015

DX5 heads are popular now.

It includes DX5 water based head F158000 / F158010 / F160010 / F187000 and DX5 solvent head F186000 / F186010

These heads can work for many popular printers like Mimaki JV33, Mimaki CJV30 / CJV60 / CJV100 / CJV130 / CJV160; Mutoh VJ1204 / VJ1304 / VJ1604

But some of them are different, like Mimaki JV5 and Mutoh VJ1614.

Mimaki JV5 use same original head with Mimaki JV33 and CJV series.

But JV5 can not use Epson head like JV33 and CJV series.

Mutoh VJ1614 gets the same situation, it use same original VJ1604 head, but they can not use Epson head like VJ1604.

Another side, Mimaki JV5 can use Mutoh VJ1614 head, and Mutoh VJ1614 can use Mimaki JV5 head too.

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