Epson DX2 DX3 DX4 head
Release time: Tue Jan 6 2015

Epson print heads were popular heads for many years.

Normally, users named them DX2 DX3 DX4 DX5 head; latest generation is DX6 or DX7.

DX2 head use on Roland 50, Roland CJ 540, Epson 1520K and Mimaki JV2, there are color head and black head.

DX3 head (F07200) use on Roland 500 / 600, Epson 900, all color in one head.

These two heads are old, hard to buy now.

From DX4 head, solvent head and water based head are separate.

There is DX4 water based head for Mimaki JV22 / JV4 / TX2; Roland FJ540 / FJ740 FP740; Mutoh 8000 / 8100; Epson 10600 / 10000

And the DX4 solvent head for Mimaki JV3; Roland SJ740, XC540, VP540, SJ645, SJ1000; Mutoh RH2

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